I Can Tell that We are Going to be Friends

“You alone are enough.  You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

Those words are what I have to remind myself of while writing my very first blog post.  I’m really not doing this to be ‘internet famous’ or to get a lot of people’s attention.  I’m just doing this for me.  I think it’s important to have a release of negative energy and passion, so this is how I do it.  Blogging. I mean I have a feeling everyone blogs their deepest feelings and clever jokes secretly hoping that a large amount of people will see it.  However, in reality that is most likely not going to happen.  And with my luck it’s definitely not going to happen, which I’m completely at peace with.  I understand that not many people care about the daily lives of real people.  Human beings strive for me excitement and drama, so they can be extracted from the real world they don’t want to live in sometimes.  I just have to be honest with myself and realize that real people don’t really care.  And I am completely okay with it

 I have nothing to prove.  I’m writing for mostly myself. ..and the occasional fellow passionate blogger who can empathize with me.

This is my face,




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