And So Tech Week Begins!

Well this isn’t exactly what I would call Hell, in fact that isn’t it at all.  I personally love tech week because it gives me time to relax and play with my friends.  Also, I get to do what I do best and am most passionate about – Theatre.  I’ve realized that the theatre department here has stolen my soul and I am now indebted to be a Theatre Major.  Yes, I will struggle with finding a job when I graduate from college, but that’s so far away for me.  Why not dream big?  Why not want something?  Why can’t I do something I’m passionate about? I can do all of these things, but I have to try.  And I will never know until I try.

Even during this most stressful time where I’m scrambling to get work done for other classes and having reoccurring sleepless nights, I know theatre is what I love most on earth.

And so let it begin!  I’m ready tech week, give me what you got.


Limitless Undying Love

Love is kind of a funny feeling.

Since I was a little girl I diagnosed myself with a disease that will most likely never ever go away.  It’s something I’ve had since I was about twelve years old, and doctors have yet to find a cure.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I’d watch countless romantic comedies, so I could memorize the image of what falling head over heels in love is like.  Of course, when you’re twelve you don’t really understand how ridiculously inaccurate Hollywood’s interpretation of love and romance is.  Movies like Clueless and Never Been Kissed always made me dream about a handsome young man stealing my heart away.  I would literally pray to God to someday send me someone beautiful like Paul Rudd to give me a big kiss on the steps of a gorgeous mansion.  Or for a Michael Vartan to kiss me for the first time on a baseball field just before the time runs out.  No matter how silly those movies are they always presented my heart with something more to long for and look for.

Well, guess what.  I found him.


Saginaw, MI January 

I really, really believe this is something real, and it always has been from the start.  As I was watching romantic comedies as a little girl waiting for the perfect man, so was Carver.  We have both been waiting for each other, and this moment where we would finally meet someone to make us feel complete.  Sometimes it blows my mind how similar we are, but there are also differences.  The great thing about those differences is that we actually balance each other out in that way.


Wilmette IL February 

For example, I’m pretty good at being moody, impatient, and dramatic when necessary.  Sometimes little tiny things that don’t go my way fly me off the handle, but that’s mostly because of hormones and mother nature once a week, every month.  Carver is excellent at being calm, and quietly and sweetly telling me, “okay, you’re right”, even when we both know Carver is one who is right, and I’m overeating.  And similar to every woman on the planet, we love being right! So . However, I’m honestly not that selfish and I realize when I’m being ridiculous.  So we have learned a balance that works for us.


Watertown, WI March

Now I could go on and on about how much I love my boyfriend.  I really could.


Holland, MI – April

But of course this must be too good to be true right?  Well, the bad news is: I live in Illinois and he lives in Wisconsin.  Long distance didn’t seem very appealing to me at first, especially since I’ve never had a boyfriend.  After a while though the idea of being able to see someone I’m in love with at least once or twice a month grew on me.  We make it work.

Long distance is difficult however because there could be a whole month and a half where we don’t see each other while I’m away at school in Michigan.  It’s difficult, but when I finally see Carver it’s like we get to fall in love all over again.


Madison, WI – June

One piece of advice:  If you haven’t found someone yet, you will.  If you choose to stop finding someone after many years of looking and give up, that’s really great.  A true lasting love is rare and will happen completely unexpectedly, especially if you’re not searching.


Second City in Chicago – July

Writing Challenge: The Emma Grace


A splash of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

2 cups of feminism

A pinch of passionate theatre-kid

A dash of sugary sweetness

170Ibs of curvy pride

A mixture of introvert and extrovert

1 heart on sleeve


1 rebellious nose ring

2 Almond shaped brown eyes

A small portion of pixie hair


Stir ingredients carefully with tender care because they are very fragile.  Make sure there are no bees, wasps, or centipedes in sight.  Place in freezer until cool.  It should be a sweet vanilla taste and give you the courage to dance in the streets shamelessly.