And So Tech Week Begins!

Well this isn’t exactly what I would call Hell, in fact that isn’t it at all.  I personally love tech week because it gives me time to relax and play with my friends.  Also, I get to do what I do best and am most passionate about – Theatre.  I’ve realized that the theatre department here has stolen my soul and I am now indebted to be a Theatre Major.  Yes, I will struggle with finding a job when I graduate from college, but that’s so far away for me.  Why not dream big?  Why not want something?  Why can’t I do something I’m passionate about? I can do all of these things, but I have to try.  And I will never know until I try.

Even during this most stressful time where I’m scrambling to get work done for other classes and having reoccurring sleepless nights, I know theatre is what I love most on earth.

And so let it begin!  I’m ready tech week, give me what you got.